Jo Peacock Realtor ®


Oak & Sage Realty LLC

100 SW 52nd Ave Bldg 200 Bld 200

Meet Jo She's a passionate and driven Realtor® with extensive experience in property investment and sales.


A Brit by birth and American by choice, Jo has managed a multi-regional property portfolio giving her a unique perspective on both the residential and investment market.


Jo’s extensive best-practice expertise combined with her passion and drive for success ensure that her property transactions progress smoothly, leaving you beaming with satisfaction.


Prior to moving into Real Estate Jo was a keynote speaker and executive coach inspiring global blue-chip organizations in the fields of IT Governance, Risk Management, and Business Transformation. Jo holds over 60 professional qualifications as well a Bachelor of Music and a PhD in Theology.


What makes Jo happy? Seeing that smile on your face as your property dream comes true.